Mr A W Davidson Ltd, Co. Registration No. 07957458

Private Practice correspondence:

PA: Emma
Tel: 01252 850461
Fax: 01252 852240

Joint Reaction,
Clare Park Hospital
Crondall Lane,
GU10 5XX

Frimley Health NHS office:
Frimley Park Hospital NHS
Portsmouth Road, Frimley,
Surrey GU16 7UJ
tel: 01276 522186
fax: 01276 604457

Mr Davidson is a member of Joint Reaction which is a group of Orthopaedic Consultants from Frimley Park NHS Hospital, based for Private Practice at Clare Park Hospital in Farnham Surrey. The objective is to allow our private patients to have the advantages of the team approach we can achieve within the NHS. We offer a unified service for rapid assessment and comprehensive universal care of all orthopaedic problems, working closely with the physiotherapy team.
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